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Pastor's Letters


Updated: May 19, 2021

Given that the governor of the State of Connecticut has lifted nearly all COVID related restrictions in public

buildings as of May 19, Archbishop Blair has also released new general and liturgical guidelines for public Masses and other church related gatherings as of that date. What follows is my synopsis of the main points and how

we will see them implemented here in our parish beginning Pentecost weekend (May 22 - 23). Anyone who wishes to read the guidelines and the letter from the bishops of Connecticut in full can easily find them at


As of the weekend of May 22-23, the archbishop has rescinded the blanket dispensation from attending Mass in

person on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation that has been in effect for well over a year now. That means, for

most Catholics, returning to Mass is now mandatory. However, the dispensation remains in place for individuals

at high risk for serious illness, those homebound or who are caregivers for the homebound, and those who are ill/

quarantined or who live with anyone who is ill or quarantined. If anyone has any questions about this, please feel

free to reach out to me directly. We will continue to livestream our Sunday and daily Masses, as we have been

doing, for the sake of those unable to attend in person, but for those who do not fall into one of these higher risk

groups, I remind you that watching a streaming Mass does not fulfill your Sunday/Holy Day obligation as of

next weekend.


Social distancing will no longer be required, so the ropes that have been roping off every other pew will be removed. Hymnals will be returned to the churches. Congregational singing will be allowed, and choirs will resume (to the degree our choir members feel comfortable). Restrictions that previously prohibited entirely, or limited the size, of gatherings in our church halls are eliminated. Adults serving as lectors, sacristans, and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist can fully resume those ministries. Entrance and exit processions at Mass from the

back of the church will resume. The Sign of Peace will again be done at Mass, though for the time being it should

be done without physical contact (except with those with whom one lives.) Our ushers will once again be allowed

to take up the offertory collection at the proper time during Mass. The requirement to disinfect the pews after

every single Mass has been eliminated and replaced, per CDC guidelines, with a once a day disinfection. (Many

thanks to all the volunteers who have donated so much time over these many months wiping down our pews…

you all have been heroic in your generosity!)