Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers

A Eucharistic minister, also known as a communion steward, is an individual that assists in the distribution of Holy Communion to the congregation of a Christian church.


    Eighteen years of age or older, known and recommended by the pastor, confirmed, and if married, in a valid Catholic marriage.   A love of the Eucharist is paramount.   An interview in person or by telephone with the coordinator would be necessary for anyone wishing to receive training and assignment.


    Eucharistic Ministers are assigned on a monthly basis and usually at the Mass they prefer to attend.  The celebrant of the Mass has the primary function of distribution along with a deacon or any concelebrating priest.


    COVID-19 MEETING INFORMATION - The group meetings are in flux until further notice. Contact for additional information. 


    Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (official title) are commissioned by the Archbishop and designated to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass.  Three times a year, a two-hour training session on a Sunday afternoon is offered by the Archdiocese of Hartford.  An additional training opportunity is offered in the New Haven area once during the summer months.


    Please contact the Parish Staff for additioanl information.

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